T-Mobile UK ~ orange™ Merger ~3/2/10

Posted on March 2, 2010


So, I'm reading Engadget today and find an article written about the UK cell phone carriers Orange™ and T-Mobile UK. Naturally I clicked on it to see what it was about since I am a T-Mobile USA customer. And, lone-and-behold, Orange™ and T-Mobile UK are merging their companies to become the largest carrier in the UK. I was slightly disappointed that T-Mobile had decided to merge with Orange™ because from what I've heard from people in the UK is that Orange™ SUCKS. Telekom-Mobile (T-Mobile) should have not merged with Orange™ because it would not only lessen T-Mobile's international coverage map but, T-Mobile would fall in the rankings of the top 30 largest mobile service providers (it is currently number 7 worldwide). The T-Mobile~Orange™ merger would also cause problems for Virgin Mobile, a worldwide mobile carrier that piggybacks off of T-Mobile's international network. People in the UK who have Virgin Mobile would possibly have to sign up for a two year contact with the merged carrier instead of keeping their Virgin Mobile prepaid phones. T-Mobile has always been the best carrier in customer support, devices, and worldwide coverage. Why would Deutsche Telekom merge even one branch of their company with another company most UK consumers already hate?

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