Because life is like that. ~1/2/10

Posted on January 2, 2010


Hello Voxers! First off Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! Pardon my spelling errors because I am blogging this from my new cellphone: the Motorola Cliq! I'll be doing a review of it in 2 months. Why? Because I'm lazy!!! I have to say, today life seems to hate me. All of my friends are away or otherwise engaged and I found out that Motorola is releasing another Droid for Verizon (I'm on T-Mobile) and this phone will have Motoblur. The same user interface as MY PHONE!!!! Most of my friends are on Verizon and have the original Droid but when they see this they'll get it. The problem is that this phone not only will work like mine but, also look almost identical to mine! I like to be different so when I heard about this I was mad!

Connected by MOTOBLUR™ on T-Mobile

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