The Helio Ocean 2 is gone! ~12/6/09

Posted on December 6, 2009


Hello Voxers! I went to the Virgin Mobile site today and found that Virgin had dumped most of the Helio line of cellphones! I am a fan of Helio and was very upset when I saw this. The picture above is of what is left of the Helio phones. Notice that the phones are no longer called Helio but are labeled as Pantech and Samsung, their respective makers. So far, the only person who has seemed to notice this change is a Virgin Mobile user who is askng the same question: Where did Helio go? Even their signature phone is gone, the Helio Ocean 2. The website is also  gone and the only things that remain are the iPhone vs Helio comparison and the Helio Web Mail service. Maybe after Christmas the Helios will be featured once again.

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