Apple introduces iPod Nano with video camera ~9/13/09

Posted on September 13, 2009


Ok, yes this is 4 days late but, I have had other engagements. The iPod Nano now has a video camera (no still photos). I question the point of this since the iPod Touch would have been a better pick for the addition of a camera of any sort. But, the monopoly must go on! Can't have something more affordable thats too much like the iPhone now can we Apple? Anyway, at Apple's most recent keynote, Steve Jobs said that this would supposedly be the perfect camera for YouTube, Facebook, and the obvious MobileMe. This is a big hooray for most of the people on this globe because Facebook and YouTube are some of the most popular sites on the web. Also, the placement of the video camera is awkward, it's on the bottom of the iPod! It would be much more conventient to have it on the top like most cellphones because your hand wouldn't get in the way. Another thing, why launch more expensive and innovative products when NO ONE HAS ANY MONEY?! Leave a comment about what you think.

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