Flipnote Studio and Updates! ~8/18/09

Posted on August 18, 2009


My Latest DSi Flipnotes!

I have joined Flipnote Hatena! I got a DSi and downloaded Flipnote Studio from the DSi Shop. To the left are some of my latest animations I made with the Studio. Hatena is a Japanese internet service that lets you blog, micro-blog (e.g. Twitter-like), and share photos. Lately, Hatena has partnered with Nintendo so that users of the Flipnote Studio can share their flipnotes on the internet. Here is a link to the homepage: http://ugomemo.hatena.ne.jp/ . Now on to the other updates. Right now summer is just flying by. Only two weeks left until school starts back up again. In other news, I read in Wired Magazine that Facebook is trying to take down Google, the current champion of the internet. Facebook says it plans to recreate the internet with it at the center. With that said, I predict that most sites with have FConnect, Facebook's login system for sites other than itself.

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