Top of the Line MP3 Pickz! ~1/6/2008

Posted on January 7, 2009


Well, in the seemingly never-ending stream of stuff that I want, my MP3 player (Zen V plus) has broken (not my doing). I am once again in the market for a new MP3 player. My picks are the iPod Touch, the Zen Vision W, or the Toshiba GigaBeat T-Series. I picked the iPod Touch because I have tryed it and liked it with the ability to go on the Internet. The Toshiba GigaBeat I picked it becaIuse I believe Toshiba is a good brand and it would work well with my laptop (BTW, It came and I am using it to type this post!). And finally the Creative Zen Vision W, this has 30 to 60 GB of memory and even though my last Zen broke, I think that problem was caused by it being so small with so much processing to do. These are my picks so post a comment suggesting a different MP3 Player or vote on which you think is better out of the three.

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