Odd Music and Pokemon Platinum ~11/27/2008

Posted on November 27, 2008


Well, hello voxers! This is just websurf90 leaving a post. I recently imported Pokemon Platinum for Nintendo DS from Japan and it is a good sequel to D&P.

The story is much better in lots of ways. Giratina is the mascot, you catch him at level 47 just like players did when catching Dialga or Palkia in Diamond and Pearl. The Torn World is much more advanced in terms of 3D for the DS. You must figure out the puzzle of the Torn World in order to get to the place you catch Giratina. Other new features include, you having a house of your own in the Resort Area, new Pokemon sprites, the ability to have Sky Forme Shaymin and Origin Forme Giratina in your party, GTS e-mail capabilities, new levels for post-National Dex legendaries (i.e. Regigigas lv. 1, yes lv. 1), and more! RATING: 9/10 

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