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Posted on June 5, 2008


This video is from Mach GoGoGo, the Japanese version of Speed Racer. This cartoon is the newest in the Speed Racer generation. The story in this SR cartoon is that Speed has lost his real father in a racing accident and the Mach 5 has been past down to him. He chooses to be a racer like his father despite the accident. And from there it goes on like the classic Speed Racer.  For better quality go to:  


Lyrics in English:  

Moving fast, 'round the bend- shifting like wind
He's a demon on wheels- GOGOGO!
Sleek White Body- Mach a Go!
Just like his father he cannot stand defeat!
Once he enters the race track, he will never fall behind!
Race your way- to the goal now, take your victory!

Mach a GO GO!
Mach a GO GO!
Mach a GOGOGO!

Hear engines roaring- The fight is starting to heat up!
And If you suffer a loss- GOGOGO!
Super Battle! The Mach 5!
It goes wherever you want. Land, sky, or sea!
The shifting of it's gears, will unleash it's raw power!
Keep racing, without limits, into the red zone!

Mach a GOGO!
Mach a GOGO!
Mach a GOGOGO!


Special thanks to musashix of YouTube and http://knarf1971.tripod.com/ for the video.

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